Specialty Coffee Shops in Paris

As you may have seen from one of my previous posts, I am a big fan of coffee; my first job ever was at a local coffee chain called Caribou. I also promised to make a larger list of coffee places in Paris. The list will be in order of arrondissement, not in an order of my preference. I will continue to update this list when new coffee shops open!

Télescope 75001


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Télescope is open Monday-Friday 8:30h-17h Saturday 9:30h-18:30h

Café Kitsuné 75001

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Café Kitsuné is open Monday-Sunday 10h-18:30h

Matamata 75002

Matamata is open Monday-Friday 8h-17h Saturday 9h-18 Sunday 9h-17:30h

Strada Cafe

Strada Cafe is open Monday-Friday 8:30h-17h Saturday-Sunday 10h-18h

Cafe Loustic 75003

Cafe Loustic is open Monday-Friday 8:30h-15:30h, Saturday 9:30h-15:30h

Fragments 75003

Fragments is open Monday-Friday 8h-18h Saturday-Sunday 10h-18h

Ob-La-Di 75003

Ob-La-Di is open Monday-Friday 8h-17h Saturday-Sunday 9h-16h

The Broken Arm 75003

The Broken Arm cafe is open Tuesday-Saturday 9h-18h

Boot Café 75003

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Boot Café is open Monday-Sunday 10h-18h

Yellow Tucan 75004

Yellow Tucan is open Tuesday-Friday 8h-18h Saturday-Sunday 9h-18h

La Caféothèque 75004

Photo via @lacafeotheque
La Caféothèque is open Monday-Friday 8:30h-17:30h Saturday-Sunday 10h-19:30h

Strada Café 75005

Strada Café is open Monday-Friday 8h-18:30 Saturday-Sunday 10h-18:30

Coutume Café 75007

Coutume Cafe is open Monday-Friday 8:30h-17:30h Saturday-Sunday 9h-18h

5 Pailles 75010

Processed with VSCO with t3 preset

5 Pailles is open Monday-Friday 9h-19h and Saturday-Sunday 10h-19h

Holybelly 75010

Photo via @holybellycafe
Holybelly is open Monday-Sunday 9h-17h

Peonies 75010

Peonies is open Tuesday-Friday 9h-19:30h Saturday 10h-19:30h Sunday 10h-16h

Ten Belles 75010

10 Belles is open Monday-Friday 8h-17:30 Saturday-Sunday 9h-18:30h

Café Oberkampf 75011

Cafe Oberkampf is open Monday, Tuesday, Friday 8:30h-16:30h Saturday-Sunday 9:30h-16:30h

Café Mericourt 75011

Café Mericourt is open Wednesday-Sunday 10h-18h

Folks and Sparrow 75011

Folks & Sparrow is open Tuesday-Sunday 10h-19h

Passager 75011

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Passager is open Tuesday-Saturday 8:30h-18:30h

Cafe Lomi 75018

Photo via @cafelomi
Cafe Lomi is open Monday-Friday 8h-18h Saturday-Sunday 10h-17h

Hardware Société 75018

Hardware Société is open Monday, Thursday, Friday 9h-16h Saturday-Sunday 9:30h-16:30h

Cream 75020

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset


Cream is open Monday-Friday 8:30h-17:30h Saturday-Sunday 9:30h-17:30h
Let me know in the comments where your favorite coffee place in Paris is! Or somewhere else in the world!

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