My Favorite Places to Shop à Paris

I’ve been meaning to write a post on fashion in Paris ever since I created my blog. When I first moved to Paris, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the french brands of clothing, shoes, purses, etc. Like in any country, not all the top end brands are good quality. I wanted to create a small guide of my favorite shops to help you guys! I know that everyone has different tastes, and these spots might not be for everyone… so my best advice is: ALWAYS CHECK THE CARE LABEL. Every time I go shopping, I always check to see what it’s made out of. Even some of the stores on my list might have some articles of clothing sold at a high price made with not so great materials. So no matter where you shop in Paris, please look there first! Here is an article talking about types of fabrics, so you know what to look for. For myself, I try to use an 80/20 rule of natural vs synthetics.
For example, you go to Maje and you spot a sweater you love, it’s 225€ but made of 33% acryllic, 28% alpaca, 26% polymide, 12% wool and 1% elastine. Yikes. Or you go to Le Mont St Michel and spot a sweater for 155€ thats 100% extra fine merino wool. The better choice would be the higher quality and less expensive one from Le Mont St Michel. Shopping smart will save you both money now and in the future, so you don’t have to throw out your clothes each season.

*If there is an address listed, it means there is only one shop. If there is no address listed, there are many in Paris. Please click on the link that brings you to their website to find a store closest to you*

**many of the shops wouldn’t let me take photos of their merchandise, so thats why there are photos of the exterior**


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Le Bon Marche 

There are 4 grands magasins in Paris, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, BHV, and Le Bon Marche. Each department store is similar to Saks 5th Avenue or like Nordstroms. Printemps and Galeries Lafayette are in the 9th arrondissement next to Opera, BHV is in the 4th next to Hotel de Ville, and Bon Marche is in the 7th arrondissement. They’re all pretty similar except BHV which has a hardware store, and a pet store. These are great places to discover many brands all at once, since they carry high to low end brands. The two in the 9th are the most touristy and over crowded. I prefer to go to Bon Marche, it’s usually not too busy(even on the weekend) and they have a giant grocery store with everything you could ever want.



Claudie Pierlot

My go-to’s at Claudie Pierlot are: their coats and leather jackets.


Karl Marc John

My go-to’s at Karl Marc John are: their sweaters, skirts and leather/suede jackets

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Le Mont St Michel

My go-to’s at Le Mont St Michel are: outerwear and sweaters


Des Petits Hauts *my favorite store

My go-to’s at Des Petits Hauts are: sweaters, skirts, pants

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& Other Stories

& Other Stories is under the umbrella of H&M and comes from Stockholm. My go-to’s at & Other Stories are: shoes, dresses, hand soaps & lotions.
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79,90€ cashmere sweaters @ Uniqlo


Uniqlo isn’t a french brand, but it’s one of my go to’s for high quality at affordable prices. Uniqlo is all over Europe and Asia, but they only have a few states in the US.  They’re famous for their heat tech technology and overall unisex look to their clothes.


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Sézane 1 Rue Saint-Fiacre, Paris 75002

Sézane is quite the popular shop in Paris for all things fashion related. I prefer their bags and their shoes! But the store itself warrents a visit.

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Myla Boutique 8 Rue de la Vrillière, Paris 75001

Myla Boutique is my favorite hidden bag shop in the 1st. Their bags are based off of designer bags and made in leather. Most of the bags are under 150€ AND if you follow them on instagram @myla__boutique they have special prices!

Lou Yetu 35 Rue de Poitou, 75003

My friend introduced me to this great shop, Lou Yetu makes trendy jewelry that’s gold plated. Their prices are very affordable, BUT you have to make an appointment to go into the shop! Also their prices in the shop are slightly less than advertised online. I recently purchased a ring, and two bracelets, and can’t wait to grab more cute pieces!

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Jimmy Fairly

I found this great shop last year, and now this is my absolute sunglasses go to spot! It’s hard to find good places for unique sunglasses these days, and Jimmy Fairly designs all their own glasses and are designed right here in France! Most glasses are 99€!

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Les Fleurs  75011

Boutique Les Fleurs has two locations, a few blocks from each other in the 11th arrondissement. What I love about here is that they have so many different knick knacks. They have furniture, jewelry, purses, greeting cards, home decor, children’s dolls, plants, etc. I always find something cute every time I come here.

Shops for Shoes

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Jonak is my go-to store for simple and elegant boots. They have high quality shoes at pretty affordable prices.

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Sézane 1 Rue Saint-Fiacre, Paris 75002

If I’m looking for more of a super stylish shoe or something very ‘this‘ season, I like to come to Sezane. Their shoes are good quality and usually a big more spunky.

Concept Stores

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Merci 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003

Merci is one of my favorite places to find little mini gifts or kitchen gadgets. What’s cool about here, is every couple weeks they change the decor in the main entrance. So they’ll feature a specific designer or choose a theme, and have all the products go along with that theme. They also have beauty products, shoes, mens clothes, womens clothes, kitchen utilities, make your own lamp, furniture, books, stationary, jewelry, bed linens, and bathroom supplies.

via @sostrenegrene

Sostrene Grene 

This is absolutely my favorite store in the world. What I love about SG, is that the products are constantly changing, they get new merchandise every week. A lot of their products are inexpensive and quite useful. For example, I bought a glass water bottle with silicone for 2,50€, and tons of decorative boxes for my apartment. I love to go once a week to see all their new goodies! Sostrene Grene comes from Denmark, so it has that great danish simplicity.

via @flyingtigercph

Flying Tiger of Copenhagen 72 Rue Rambuteau 75001

Another great danish store! I found flying tiger in NYC and have been hooked ever since. They also have a similar to design to Sostrene Grene, in that they change their merchandise frequently. They have so many fun things you wouldn’t think you need, or items really useful like pens, dog toys, glass protector screen for iphone, etc. I also love coming here about once a week to find cute new items.
–I hope you enjoyed my piece on where I like to shop here in Paris! Where are your favorite shops in Paris? If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below!

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