48 Hours in Amsterdam

My boyfriend and I have gone to Amsterdam twice now. Luckily, with Amsterdam being so close to Paris, it’s easy for us to go there. I did a lot of research this time before returning, knowing the city a bit better the second time around. And I made a custom google map with all the places I was interested in going to(which I’ve attached below). Both times we’ve stayed in Amsterdam we’ve stayed in Di Pijp, which is a really cool and swanky neighborhood. We didn’t make it everywhere on our map, but the list below is the places we went to!


Amsterdam is obviously a very friendly bike city, so if your airbnb or hotel has bikes; I would highly recommend using them! Last year we rode around Amsterdam and walked. This year our airbnb only had 1 bike available, so we walked and used the trolley metro. The metro was really affordable at 7,50€ /24 hours of unlimited or 12,50€/48 hours unlimited. Unlike other city’s metros, your ticket is active for 24 hours. So if you use it at 11pm on Tuesday, you can use it till 11pm on Wednesday. This year with both walking and taking the metro, I walked 43,193 steps in under 48 hours. Bring comfy shoes, because you’ll be walking quite a bit!


Anne Frank Museum, if you want to go here, you NEED to buy tickets in advance. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait in a line at 9am to get tickets for a later time. They put out tickets online 2 months in advance, so keep that in mind! Tickets are 9€ for an adult.
Rijksmuseum is a beautiful museum dedicated to art and history. This museum houses a lot of famous Dutch painters like Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals, etc. It’s a very beautiful museum, make sure to check out the art history library inside! Tickets are 17,50€ for an adult.
Van Gogh Museum is right behind the Rijk, is a great museum if you like Van Gogh. You really get to learn about his childhood and his early life as well as him becoming a painter. I didn’t even know that he only painted for 10 years! Really great museum, I would highly recommend coming here! Tickets are 17€ for an adult.


Ter Marsch

Ter Marsch is a famous burger restaurant just next to the floating flower market. My boyfriend said his burger was very good, also they have a cannabis sauce for fries. TM has gone to the world championship of Burgers in Florida to compete! Must try!!
Bulls and Dogsis a hot dog shop, they have 3 locations in Amsterdam. We came for dinner one night, Edgar got a hot dog and some sides and a beer, and I got 2 sides. The total was 22€, great place for cheap and delicious eats!
Pizza Heart Bar, we came here last year for dinner and it was so so good! They have two locations, a take away location next to the Floating Flower Market and their main restaurant is pretty far south. But it is worth the trek if you’re not staying close! You usually need to make a reservation!

Peejays doughnuts

Peejays doughnuts

Peejay’s Donuts, if you’re a donut fan I would suggest coming here! Their donuts were delicious and you can grab a cup of coffee as well!


Foodhallen is the only international indoor food market in the Netherlands! And connected right behind is the Kanerie Club, a cool bar. I would highly recommend coming out and checking both of them out, we didn’t get a chance to eat in the foodhallen but we did get drinks at the Kanerie Klub.

CT Coffee & Coconuts

CT Coffee & Coconuts is one of my favorite places in Amsterdam! It’s inside of an old movie theater, and the interior is beautiful. We’ve come both times for brunch and coffee, but they do have a dinner menu as well!

Par Hasard

Par Hasard is a famous fry place in Amsterdam, their fries are absolutely delicious! They have three restaurants in Amsterdam. Check this place out, you will not be disappointed.

Bar Mustache

Bar Mustache is small, intimate, Italian restaurant. Their pizza’s had a crispy crust, and were very delicious. The restaurant is very small, so I felt like this is a good date night spot! Make a reservation in advance!



STACHis a cute little market with groceries, local beers, treats, and coffee. Try stroopwaffles, as they’re a Dutch tradition!


Kanarie Club

Kanarie Club

Kanerie Clubis a really cool open bar connected to the Foodhallen. The space itself is beautiful, and they have fun different themed areas inside, or you can sit outside! Would deffinitly check this place out for drinks and food at the Foodhallen.

Bocca Coffee

Bocca Coffee is my favorite place I’ve found for coffee in Amsterdam, and I’m a huge coffee addict. The space has tall ceilings and full of light. A beautiful place to come grab a drink and hangout.
Calle Ocho if you like tequilla, mezcal or rum then you’ve got to come here! Their cocktails had really diverse flavors and were really affordable!
Heinneken Experienceif you like beer or better yet, Heinneken beer, then come do the factory tour. It’s better to buy your tickets in advance, otherwise you’ll have to wait in a pretty long line outside before it opens! Tickets are 16€ for adults.


We all know that weed is legal in Amsterdam, which generates lots of business. But not all “coffee shops” are created equally. Boerejongens is one of the most famous and best places to buy weed. It’s also the most like a real dispensary in the US. The staff wear bow ties and they have computers to tell you the descriptions of the weed/types. I prefer a place like this rather than a rock & roll, dark and shady coffee shop to buy weed. To each their own! This place is cash only !

I hope this helps you to add a few new places to visit in Amsterdam! Let me know below your favorite spots here!

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