Weekend in Amsterdam


Some of you may have seen that I go to Amsterdam fairly often, this is our third trip to the city in just a year and a half. If you think I just go there for the green, you may be on to something 😉 but on our very first trip I fell in love with this city. Since this is my third time back, I feel like I know the city a bit better now, and we got to experience my favorite type of vacation; pretending like I live there, and what would I do in my own city during the weekend. For myself, that means I like to go to brunch, to coffee shops, go out to lunch, go shopping, go to cocktail bars, go to vintage stores. Neither Edgar nor I, are big museum people so these type of vacations always feel extremely laid back and perfect. Below are some of the new places that we checked out this time, we tried to not go to too many of the same restaurants as before but we did overlap a bit. If you want to see more photos of food in Amsterdam, make sure to check out my old post. I’ve added some new spots to my custom google map from my previous post, if you want to see my previous post on Amsterdam, click here. If you’re interested in how I create my custom maps, please let me know in the comments below!

How We Traveled

Edgar and I always take the bus, always. From Paris to Amsterdam, it takes about 6.5 hours including one stop. We usually use the company oui bus as their buses are very nice, they have assigned seats, outlets, and wifi. The average bus ticket in advance is 19€ per way; 38€ a round trip is a fair price. We could also take the Thalys Train, looking at 2 months in advance the starting price is 55€ and goes up to 97€ per way; looking on an average of 100€-200€ for the train, but the positive is that the train only takes 3 hours. You could also take a flight in between the two cities, the flight time is only an hour; for myself, I would never choose this option as it’s usually more expensive, we would waste time getting to and from the airport, and security. The added benefit of taking the bus is that we take it overnight, we lose no valuable time during the day that we could use to get breakfast or get dinner. PRO TIP: if you’re into taking photos, getting into Amsterdam at 6:30 am is perfect because you can take beautiful sunrise photos around the city without very many people.

Getting Around Amsterdam

In addition to walking on average of 15,000 to 20,000 steps per day, we bought the 48 hour card to use the subway and trams for 12,50€, the best part about this card is that it’s active for an entire 24 hours; I wish other cities would jump on the same boat! Click here for more prices/tickets.

Where We Stayed

The pods


Our pod

On our first two trips we used Airbnb and stayed in the De Pijp, we’re big fans of this neighborhood as there are many good restaurants, shopping, parks, etc. It isn’t in the city center, but I love the Brooklyn feel of this area. This time we opted to stay in a cool pod hostel I found instead of renting an Airbnb; the prices of Airbnb in Amsterdam have been rising lately, we saved around 40€ by staying in this cool pod hostel.
City Hub is located in the Oud-West neighborhood and will cost you an average of 125€/night in your own private little pod. The awesome benefits of this hostel are that you get a wristband which is connected to your pod, storage lockers, and you can even serve yourself a beer or have a glass of wine and hang out in the common area. If you don’t have phone service, they give you a wifi device that you can take all around Amsterdam, they have an application where you can control the lights inside your pod, you can text someone on staff and ask for recommendations. The pod itself is decently spacious, there’s room to hang up your jacket or clothing, enough mini compartments to take out your makeup, toiletries, jewerlry, etc. Space was not an issue inside this pod, and the bed was so comfortable, it was heavenly.
We got in so early on that Saturday morning, we had to call and ask if we could come chill in the lobby before the afternoon check-in. They were extremely accommodating, gave us a storage locker before our check-in, and even told us we could shower if we needed to. Even after we checked out, they let us hang out during the day in the common area and use a storage locker to store our bags while we wandered around the city. We had such an amazing time here, that we’ve decided that we’ll only stay at this place when we go to Amsterdam, I cannot express how much I love this concept.

Food & Drinks

Dim SumThing, Foodhallen


Taqueria Lima, Foodhallen

The last time we were in Amsterdam I found The Foodhallen, we stopped by but only ended up getting drinks at the Kanerie Klub, this time we made sure we ate here. We ended up having lunch here on Saturday and dinner here on Sunday. My top recommendation is Taqueria Lima, their tacos were absolutely delicious.

Pizza Heart Bar


Pizza Heart Bar

 On our first trip to Amsterdam, we went to a very good pizza restaurant that was a little bit far outside of the city center, in trying to find it again I thought this place was it but I was mistaken. It ended up being a great mistake as our pizzas, wine and bruschetta were so good. They had so many different types of bruschetta, my only regret is not ordering some of their other options.

Café George

Café George

I saw this restaurant on one of my favorite Dutch Instagrammer’s feed(@adashoffash), and I thought why not try it. I was really surprised by how good it was, sometimes I’ll see trendy places on Instagram and then I go and I’m disappointed by the food, but Café George was surprisingly good. Since we live in France, this isn’t the most authentic French food, but it was very good nevertheless.

Bocca Coffee

 We went to this coffee shop our second time visiting Amsterdam, it was one of the only restaurants that we went to a second time. This place has amazing coffee, if I could only choose one coffee shop, I’d tell you to go here. Also, the location and space is beautiful and airy, it’s a must-see.

Lot Sixty One

 I hadn’t researched this place before coming, but it was this really cute little industrial coffee shop right next to the Foodhallen, their coffee was very good. Only negative, I can’t be the only annoyed with lattes inside of cold water glasses. How do you drink your latte when the cup burns your hand? #firstworldproblems

2 Scoops 4, La La IJS

Shout out to all you vegans and ice cream lovers, La La IJS is a mixture of the two. I loved how many flavors of both ice cream and sorbet they had AND vegan options as well!


In general, I tend to wake up pretty early every morning, usually around 6:30 to 7, on vacation I do the exact same thing and since Edgar likes to sleep in, I take the extra hours in the morning to go to breakfast or take some photos by myself. Ive been obsessed with açaí bowls as of recent and I needed to find a place in Amsterdam. This little restaurant is part restaurant part shop, they had a beautiful array of treats and cakes along with pretty necklaces, books, cofffee mugs and knick-knacks.




The reason we went back to Amsterdam is because the previous time here I discovered a shop that creates custom jeans or can rework your denim. As a huge fan of vintage Levi’s, I had two pairs that I need to get the legs slimmed down. If i were to have this done in Paris, I bet it would have cost me 40 plus for just one pair, I paid 17,50€ at Denim City per jean to get my Levi’s tapered. This was such a cool and unique experience, they were so quick about it and I’m absolutely obsessed with both pairs. Will be on the hunt for more pairs just so I can come here and get them redone. If you’re interested in getting your Levi’s custom done, check this place out!



Love Stories

Early on Sunday morning after stopping at Pluk for my breakfast, I found this street with tons of beautiful shops, the street is called Berenstraat, if you go to my map and look in the shopping section, it’s the street with a bunch of places marked. There’s too many beautiful stores to add to my list, but take a peak down this street! We found so many beautiful goodies, including my new rose-gold metalic leather wallet I got for only 40€ !



Pure weed indica joint 5


One gram of indica 10

We made a stop at my favorite weed shop in Amsterdam, Boerejongens, seriously check this place out. It’s so classy, and they’re so helpful when wanting to make a selection, especially if you don’t know too much about weed! Don’t be an idiot, smoke responsibly, don’t try to take this outside of The Netherlands, don’t be that guy.



I hope you guys enjoyed my photos and tips for Amsterdam! If you have any questions about my map or places to go, please leave a comment below! What are some of your favorite spots in Amsterdam? I’m always looking to add more places to my list!

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