Keep Your Skin Lookin’ Good at 35,000 ft

Have you ever gotten off a plane and caught a glimpse of yourself, and you’re like “my god, have I always looked THIS terrible?

I know I’ve felt this way a million times, and I wanted to figure out why and how to fix it. In 2018 one of my new year’s resolutions was to take really good care of my skin, I’ve always been a huge skincare junkie; so I decided to take it to the next level… Korean Skincare. I wouldn’t call myself a frequent flyer, I fly somewhere maybe once every 2-3 months, living in Europe has its perks as we can take a bus, train, or drive to a destination. Even though I’m not jet-setting 24/7, I’d still like to avoid looking like a shriveled up raisin as soon as I exit the plane. So what happens to our skin at 35,000 feet in the air?

Cabin Pressure

The pressure in the cabin is the equivalent to air at 1800-2400m(6000-8000ft) above sea level, imagine if the Empire State Building was 6x it’s size, and you were standing at the top. There’s less oxygen in the air, which means that on a surface level of your skin, the lack of air can affect cell nourishment and reproduction. The longer we’re on a plane, the less oxygen there will be for our skin, which means that your skin has a harder time making collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and elastin which leads a dehydrated and dull appearance.


When googling how much humidity is in pressurized airplanes, the numbers vary drastically. Some say as low as 2%, some say as high as 20%, it doesn’t matter either way because it’s dry AF. The Sahara desert has a humidity level of 25% to put that in perspective. When the air around us is dry, it dehydrates our epidermis(top skin layer), you’ll notice that fine lines become more prominent, wrinkles might become temporarily deeper. The bottom line is you’re probably going to look like a piece of beef jerky at the end of your flight.

In-flight Beverage

Depending on your choice of drink on a plane can also affect your skin, are you choosing coffee or a soda, or even alcohol over water? I definitely drink on most of my flights, but I try to make sure I have one liter of water preboarding, and will also ask for a second bottle of water for good measure.

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My carry on beauty stuff

So, how do you go about preventing all of this from happening? Well, you have to plan it in advance. All of the items(besides the water) you can bring through security, just buy a bottle of your favorite water once inside. I carry with me 2 sheet masks(hydration related), cleansing wipes, a moisturizer, a sleeping moisturizer mask, lip mask, spot treatment for pimples, eye cream, and my foreo eye massager.

If you really don’t have time items like this, you can try to find those beauty sections in the airport and either apply a ton of product to your skin or purchase little guys for the ride. Look for key ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, for every 1g of Hyaluronic Acid it can retain up to 6 liters of water. Our body naturally produces HA, this is the key to hydration in the sky.

Here is how I use these products in the sky:

Before: Wash my skin at home before going to the airport, do normal beauty routine

Step 1: Apply undereye cream and use IRIS to massage in

Step 2: Spot treat any active pimples for 15 minutes. Use makeup wipe to wash off

Step 3: Apply sleeping mask, let sit on for around 60 to 90 minutes. Apply lip mask as well. Use makeup wipe to wash off

Step 4: Apply moisturizer

Step 5: REPEAT ( For a 6 hour long flight, I repeat this process 3x)

Step 6: (optional) Apply sheet mask

*the reason I reapply so many times, is because of the dryness of the cabin air will dry out your products way quicker*

I’m in LOVE with how this moisturizer makes my skin feel, it’s so lightweight and it glides over the skin, I usually only need about a pump sometimes two. The key ingredients in this are watermelon extract & hyaluronic acid.

I use this product every night at home, it makes my lips feel super moisturized and soft when I wake up.

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It’s Skin Masks

If you’re feeling brave enough to put a sheet mask on your face, stock up on masks that are for moisture or glow.

If you’re having any mild breakouts, a great time to slap a treatment on it is midflight! I like that the glamglow comes in a mini pot(I have both this small one, and the pot…this one actually exploded on me midair while trying to use it because of the cabin pressure). I’m currently spot treating with this mask while writing this!

This sleeping mask is going to help make sure that your skin looks supple and glowy when you step off that plane. Just like the moisturizer, this mask has hyaluronic acid, AHA’s, watermelon extract, and peony root to boost your complexion.

I usually don’t use this eye cream because I make my own, but when I travel I prefer to bring this one. The skin under your eyes in 10x thinner than the rest of the skin on your face, it’s more susceptible to the elements, and dehydration. If you don’t use an eye cream, it’s time to start!!!

This isn’t necessary, but I’m a huge beauty tool junkie. This machine does light tapping and pulses to help your eye cream penetrate deeper into your skin. You could also use this for moisturizer as well, I love how relaxing the massage is.

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I hope that you found this post helpful, I promise that if you follow my steps, even if you’re using your own products that are different, your skin will look so much better and plumper once you get off the plane! Let me know what you on the plane in the comments below!

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