My 5 Favorite Under the Radar French Skincare Products

I spend a lot of time and money on skincare items, gadgets, products, the whole works. I’m always looking for new and different products to try, I’ve googled many times “best french skincare products” and its ALWAYS the same list of products

  1. bioderma micellar water
  2. klorane dry shampoo
  3. nuxe huile prodigieuse
  4. caudalie beauty elixir
  5. avene thermal water
  6. embryolisse lait-creme concentre
  7. biafine
  8. homeoplasmine

See for yourself here, here, here, here… It’s almost comical reading through every article, because it’s just the same products on repeat. Now it’s not to say that those products aren’t great, I own quite a bit of them, but I feel like they’re just SO basic.

So I wanted to create a mini post on my favorite 5 products that aren’t listed above!

This is hands down my favorite skincare product here in France, I don’t think I can live without this one. I’m very big into Korean Skincare and the first step is oil cleansing. Whenever I use this before my foam cleanser I notice a huge difference, it removes ALL of my makeup even my mascara, and after using my foam cleanser my skin feels less tight and very soft. There is a store in Paris called Burly, and they believe in only use oil to cleanse and not soap at all! I only use this product at night, never in the morning.

I’ve had this mask for a few years now, whenever my skin is feeling quite dehydrated I chuck on this guy, and my skin feels sooo quenched after. I’m wearing it while writing this. The texture is this really cool feeling gel, Vichy says that their main ingredients in this are their thermal water, glycerin, and B3 to help hydrate your skin for the next 24 hours. I haven’t tried it, but their pink glow mask also looks amazing! And their products are so affordable! This mask is 13€

Sun protection is so so so important! The problem with SPF is finding one that isn’t harmful to the environment or have harmful products inside. I use the site to check the ingredients of all the skincare items I buy. I love the smell of this sunscreen, I use it every day on my neck and hands, and in the summer I use it all over. This product is 12€

CO LAB Dry Shampoo

As a hairstylist, I’m always trying to find my favorite dry shampoo, I wash my hair about every third day so I need a good one. I was using Klorane for longest time but it came out white and I would have to spend so much time trying to rub it in, plus its double the price of this guy! This dry shampoo is less than 5€ and you can find it at Monoprix in the drugstore shampoo section NOT the pharmacy section! You can spray this as long as you want, your hair will never turn white, and this scent is AMAZING.

A313 Retinol Cream

And finally, the ultimate holy grail of French skincare products right here. A313 retinol cream, you’ll need to go into a real pharmacy and ask the person behind the counter for this bad boy. It has 200,000 UI of Vitamin A which makes it a retinol of .12% ! It’s considered prescription grade retinol, but only cost 15€. In one of the articles, someone said this was a moisturizer with retinol, it’s a heavy pomade, not a moisturizer, to be used very last in your skincare routine and your skin CANNOT be wet or have any moisture when you apply this. If you’re not familiar with retinol, it’s used to help with static lines(wrinkles that on your skin that aren’t caused by muscle movement). When you begin using this it’s best to do once a week, and then increase frequencies, it can/will irritate your skin and it itches. I use this every other night on my forehead.

When it comes to buying skincare here in Paris, every pharmacy and store has different prices. The best prices I’ve found are either at City Pharma in the 6th Arrondissement or at Pharmacie Monge in the 5th Arrondissement.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, whats your favorite French skincare product? Let me know in the comments!

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