My Eye Cream Recipe + 5 Eye Care Tips

I’ve been creating my own skincare products for a little over two years. It started with making facial oils, and it grew from there. At one point, I had wanted to create my own business, but with doing hair, photography, and this blog I don’t have the time! Even if you’re not a skincare addict, there are some essential products that EVERYONE should absolutely use. Facial wash, eye cream, sunscreen.

The skin around your eyes is very important, it’s very thin and it ages very quickly. To be precise, the skin is 40% thinner than the rest of your face, it has way less protection and it’s 50% drier than the rest of the skin on your face as well.

The reason I started making my own eye cream is because you can control the amount of active ingredients in your own products, if you want to use the maximum amount of caffeine to wake up those tired eyes, you can. But in big companies like Olay, or Neutrogena they’re probably using a very small amount, not enough that would really make a big difference. If you want products with strong active ingredients, you’ll either need to pay $$$ or make them yourself. I love making my own, because I can control exactly what goes into my product, no fillers, no crappy ingredients, just the good stuff.

You can customize this recipe if you want, I use a mixture of different oils but you can choose to use just one if you prefer. This website is my favorite reference for everything to do with oils, so that you can customize for your skin. Also note that the aloe vera extract isn’t aloe vera gel, it’s a liquid. I use a powder that I mix with water to create it!

I’m not sure where you can buy all these ingredients in your country, but here in France there’s an amazing store called Aroma Zone, and you can buy every single one of those ingredients there. Let me explain why each ingredient is SO important!

Cucumber Extract: cucumber is extremely hydrating, and is great for lightening the skin(those pesky dark circles), it’s regenerative, softens the skin, and purifies.

Aloe Vera Extract: contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 (folic acid), B12, E, provitamin A (beta-carotene), inositol. It helps moisturize, tighten the skin, reduces wrinkles, stimulates cell division, and promotes healing. Really a powerhouse ingredient.

Resveratrol: is an active ingredient, it helps fight against free radicals, prevents aging and helps cells have a longer life, anti-stain and lightening effects, helps reduce wrinkles, anti-inflammatory and helps promote cell division.

Caffeine: promotes the elimination of dead cells and improves the appearance of the skin. THIS is what helps with those dark circles!!

Açaï Oil: rich in antioxidants, softens the skin, rich in omega 9, regenerating, soothing, repairing.

Seabuckthorn Oil: high in vitamin E, stimulates skin to repair, rich in provitamin A, softens the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil: very soft, has a velvety effect on skin, activates skin repair, helps calm the skin, nourishes the skin, helps it from drying out.

Coenzyme Q10: is an active ingredient, prevents the oxidation of skin lipids, protects against free radicals, reduces the depth of wrinkles, fights against collagen degradation and wrinkle formation, restores the skin’s lipid barrier and promotes the good functionality of cell membranes, boosts energy production at a cellular level.

Vitamin E: blocks the action of free radicals on the skin, reducing cellular damage caused by UV exposure, anti-inflammatory, helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity and hydration by strengthening the skin’s hydrophilic film.

Here are some before and after photos since using this product. *I never had any extreme problems with my under eyes other than puffiness and some slight discoloration, but this has really changed my under eyes.* THESE PHOTOS HAVE NOT BEEN RETOUCHED!

January 2018
Puffiness, slightly pink discoloration, small wrinkles
February 2018

puffiness, slight discoloration, wrinkles getting a little smaller
March 2018

Puffiness is starting to reduce, wrinkles reducing, discoloration reducing
May 2018

Puffiness gone, wrinkles gone, discoloration almost gone
April 2019

Slightest bit of puffiness, no discoloration, no wrinkles

My 5 Tips for Caring for Your Under Eyes

  1. WEAR SPF EVERYDAY. non-negotiable
  2. Whenever you’re outside wear sunglasses, I don’t care if it’s grey, I wear sunglasses. Squinting causes crows feet
  3. Try to keep a very neutral face, this is really important for your entire face, not just your eyes. I often look at my husband who’s furrowing his brow causing the 11’s wrinkles. Sadly smiling frequently also causes wrinkles. I try to have that RBF.
  4. Eye patches either disposable or ones you put in the freezer are great for de-puffing your eyes. I have a pair I keep in the freezer, and I also use these, which are excellent when you’re on the plane or just a once a week extra hydration treatment.
  5. Daily or weekly massages are really important for stimulation. You can use a jade roller or a mechanical machine. I use the Iris from foreo, and I love it. I use it to massage my eye cream deeper into my skin.

I hope this has been useful! Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, or you need ANY skincare recommendations!

2 thoughts on “My Eye Cream Recipe + 5 Eye Care Tips

  1. Would love to try making this at home. Do you wear during the day, and if so, does it affect your eye makeup (liner, mascara)? Also, what type of emollient do you use?

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