My Los Angeles Guide

My husband and I just got back from our mini vacation in Los Angeles, visiting for my cousin Coco’s wedding! I, of course, wanted to put together a little map of my recommendations on where we went.

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Palm trees

Getting Around

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Downtown LA

Edgar and I didn’t have a car since we were staying with family, and boy was that a mistake. Unless you’re staying in a neighborhood that you plan on just staying put, you NEED to rent a car. We stayed in the hills, and had to take extremely long Uber’s into the city everyday, not to mention long distance Uber’s can add up quick!! Also I’m sad to say, I didn’t get to go to all of my recommended places on my map!

  Coffee & Drinks

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Menotti’s Coffee Shop

There are so many specialty coffee shops around LA, one of my biggest regrets is I didn’t get to try all the ones I wanted to! Verve & Menotti’s were excellent! I really wanted to try Civil Coffee and Go Get Em Tiger, but they weren’t in the neighborhoods that we were at!

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Verve Coffee Roasters


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Verve Coffee Roasters Downtown

Really good coffee, and luckily there’s about a million locations around Los Angeles. I was really surprised by how expensive it was. $4 for an espresso?!

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Melrose Umbrella Co

We stopped by Melrose Umbrella Co for a couple cocktails during happy hour, they have a really cute home feel, and an awesome patio out back. Also if you’re into vintage, there are a few really big vintage stores right across the street!

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Great White Venice

This little cafe was just across the street from the famous Venice sign, really cute place to grab a snack or a coffee. Very chill vibes


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Eggslut Venice

I have tons of family and friends that live in LA, so I asked them for their recs of where to go. Eggslut was one of my favorites, if you like a good breakfast sandwich, this place is absolute heaven.

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but this ice cream was actually way too sweet. If you have a major sweet tooth, you may like it.

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Bumsan Organic Ice Cream

I had Bumsan saved for years on my pinterest, with it’s perfect swirls. I was a little heart hurt when instead of the beautiful cylindrical swirls like on their instagram, they had just a normal twist. This flavor was cherilicious, it was delicious.

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Fritizi Coop Los Angeles Farmers Market

I had multiple friends tell us that we had to come eat at the farmers market, and it was cute just to walk around! There was a mini market of just hot sauce, I would’ve bought at least 10 if the store was open! The chicken from Fritizi Coop was incredible. Must taste.

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Gjusta Venice

Gjusta is a deli, bakery, market store mix. They have delicious food and drinks, it has a very fresh farm to table atmosphere in a really airy warehouse like space.



Eddie and I walked from the Los Angeles Farmers Market to Glossier in West Hollywood, we walked along 3rd Street and there were SO many cute boutiques, food hot spots, coffee shops, anything you could’ve wanted. I’m so happy I found this shop, Anine Bing, cause it’s the exact style I love. Vintage denim, vintage band tee look, leather jackets. Love.

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Glossier Store LA


I decided to test out this cult brand for myself, and luckily there’s a store in LA. I picked up the milky jelly cleanser, wish I would’ve grabbed a bomdot com as well, next time!


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Dosist, Lowell Smokes from Medmen and Edibles

I wasn’t able to take any photos inside of the marijuana stops(legal purposes), so I had to do this little photo shoot at home. We went to Medmen in downtown LA and we went to Dosist in Venice. Medmen is set up like an apple store, there’s ipads everywhere, very high tech. Dosist was very minimalist, very future inspired. The dosist pen is a vapor pen, we got the strongest THC content they have, it’s great for tiny micro doses, when maybe you don’t want to feel mentally high. I really dig the concept, and would probably try their other flavors. You might be thinking that’s a lot of weed for only 5 days in LA, luckily we were able to take all of it back home. Read this article, proceed at your own cost.


Well I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know in the comments your fav places in Los Angeles!

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