Parisian Summer Style

I’ve had a few request to write a summer Paris style, sorry it’s taken me so long to make one!

The rules will be relatively similar to the fall/winter one. Neutral colors are a MUST. I started off the last post with why dressing more Parisian can help your vacation, if you want to see that post click here. Also note, this is just my take on style here, you can wear literally whatever your heart desires, but if you’re trying to look more Parisian, read ahead.


Dressing like a tourist attracts more attention to yourself. You will stand out, and not in a good way. Pickpockets, robbers, and scammers search for people who look like tourists to rob from. You’re essentially adding a target on your back.


If you’re in a touristy area and look like a tourist, many people will assume you are, and maybe will only speak to you in English(can be a positive or negative depending on how you view it, I see that as a negative). They also might not speak to you in French(huge negative if you’re really wanting to speak French).


By not dressing similarly to Parisians, some people might assume you’re a tourist and they could be more rude to you just because you look like a tourist. They might think that you’re just going to leave anyways or that it’s expected for the locals to be rude.



There’s a few items on my list that I absolutely agree with, and there’s some that actually make me sad. I tested out one of my theories this week, and got interesting results. On Monday, I wore a pair of strappy sandals with a medium sized heel. Nobody stared at me, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Today I wore a pair of flat sandals, and so many people stared at my feet like I was a raging lunatic for wearing sandals. It could be 30 C and Parisians would still for the most part, wear closed toe shoes.

  • athleisure (literally nobody besides Americans wear this shit in Paris, unless they’re actually going to workout)
  • flat sandals
  • jean shorts/shorts in general
  • baseball caps

What TO Wear

I can’t list everything you should wear, because it’s so personal but here are a few things I think are perfect here in the summer time. My style is pretty much vintage denim and t-shirts, or flowy blouses. It’s so great to find either brands or people on instagram that you love their style, and then just try to emulate it! For myself, I’m obsessed with Anine Bing, and I’ve been really liking some Instagrammers from Los Angeles!

  • flowy silky skirts, VERY in right now
  • vintage jeans or normal jeans
  • LOTS of t-shirts
  • flowy blouses
  • sun dresses
  • leather jacket
  • white jeans
  • lightweight jacket
  • white sneakers/white converse
  • strappy heeled sandals
  • mules

Here’s some photo inspiration of some of my fav instagrammers, and a few photos of myself!

I pretty much live in jeans and band tee’s
Friday night casual, suede heels, 7 jeans, white tee, Chanel WOC
White jeans, strappy sandals, and vintage band tee’s

I hope this little post has helped you with what you’ll wear in Paris in the summer! If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below!!

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